New Exclusive Frame Tents for Sale in South Africa

Frame Tents are perfect for any type of event, as the structure of the tent provides you with an open plan space to decorate in a professional and elegant style. Our Frame tents for Sale are easy to setup and take down, which allows you with enough time to have the best event. We manufacturer our Frame Tents from the best quality materials to suit your function or event. These beautiful tents provide you enough room to find the perfect decor setting. Exclusive Frame Tents showcase your event in many different ways as they provide you with many options such as clear span walls, PVC sidewalls and so much more.

Discover Frame Tent Manufacturers in Durban

Frame Tents have now become the next best tents after the peg & pole tents. Discover our Frame Tents for Sale which are manufactured from the finest materials to ensure a strong and durable tents to withstand harsh weather conditions. Stretch Tents for Sale offers you a many options to choose from for the perfect look for your event from plain PVC to clear span PVC or full glass the options are endless. The amazing advantage that Frame tents offers you is that it provides you with a spacious inside, with no inner poles as an obstruction for a beautiful set up.

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Features of Frame Tents

Stretch tents for sale manufacture and supply Frame tents. This tents have the following features:-

  • . Installation on any surface: including hard surfaces like sand, gravel, and concrete. This is because frame tents can be secured to the ground with weights instead of pegs (though pegs are used where possible and are advisable in severe winds).
  • . Installation anywhere: well… almost anywhere. No guy ropes means frame tents can fit in small town gardens, on roof terraces, in courtyards etc as they can make the maximum use of space.
  • . Clear span: no central pole, which means clear space inside the marquee and an unobstructed view for speeches.
  • . Winter stability: framed tents withstand higher wind speeds and snow loadings so they are a practical option in winter.
  • . Safety: made from flame-retardant PVC manufactured to the latest international standards.
  • . Easily divided up: frame tents divided into sections for different parts of an event.
  • . Flexible use of space: can be joined together to cover large areas or fit L-shaped gardens
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