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Stretch Tents for Sale

Our company "Stretch Tents for Sale" is one of the leader in manufacturing and supplying exclusive stretch tents for sale in Durban for wedding party and function. Buy stretch tents online in South Africa. We have been titled as "Tents South Africa" and " Tents for Africa" by our clients and organisation in South Africa. These freestyle structures are architecturally stunning and flexible enough to fit any area, of any size, cover uneven ground, become part of a building and can be configured in countless ways. Freedom to choose the exact location, size and form means that the space designed for your special event is only limited by your imagination. If you are planning a corporate event, wedding, private party or other outdoor event then Stretch tents is your right choice. Our Company is one of the Africa’s largest Manufacturer of Stretch tents for Sale. We cover the whole of the Africa and then further we pretty much have the world covered for Stretch Tents. We have provided bespoke stretch tents for some of the Africa's largest corporations, and well as countless weddings and private parties. Stretch tents also known as Bedouin tents were introduced into our markets in 2003. Stretch Tents finds itself to be among the most popular at this moment due to its modern and hip look and can be modified to suite any area or occasion. Stretch Tents is also available in a cheese stretch tent fabric which provides the perfect ambiance for outdoor functions with a modern twist. Stretch Tents can be used for all types of functions including weddings, parties and events. Stretch Tent for your wedding is the perfect way to celebrate with family and friends the start of a new chapter in your life together.

With Stretch Tents coming in many colours and sizes it can pretty much fit all requirements. You can rig Stretch tents anyway you like. Beaches, Field, Home, Ancient Castle or any venue of your choice. With extensive industry knowledge in the Stretch Tents guarantees you a stress-free and competitively price. Discover for yourself how our event stretch tents transform a good idea into an unforgettable sequence of events; the unique and elegant form of the Bedouin-style Stretch Tent makes it hard to miss, making it the true centerpiece at your event. Not only does it come in a bewitching range of shapes and colors, but it is highly versatile design also makes it an excellent choice for bespoke and unique requests. For example, stretch tents can be pitched around trees and even on boats. We tailor-make a solution that perfectly meets your needs. Our tents are designed for event companies that require an aesthetically pleasing and durable product, ensuring unbeatable return on investment. We do not cut corners with any element of our tents and we only use the best parts available – from the smallest to the largest component. There is no weak link in our tents. We use a durable fabric that enables the tents to stand firm through all weather conditions and can be set up on all terrains, allowing you to be creative with your vision. These innovative and stylish stretch tents have been taking the world by storm and it’s easy to see why. Capture the imagination with striking installations for a freestanding tent. Alternatively, we can attach the tents to fixed structures such as buildings or scenery, or even rig them to stages. Read More

Stretch Tents Fabric

We guarantee our tent fabric quality. We fully understand the stringent demands in the tent industry and have developed products to meet them. The greatest care goes into manufacturing various tent products. All manufacturing, research & development, conception, design, testing and quality control take place in our factory in Durban & Harrismith. We have both ample skill and knowledge – ensuring all our clients a superior product and the peace of mind that goes with it.

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Waterproof Stretch Tents for Sale

Best Price Stretch Tents

Stretch Tents are manufactured in accordance with strict international and local fire and safety standard using high quality material, waterproof and fire retardant stretchable fabric. Our Stretch Tents for sale are available in a variety of colour and designs and are perfect for weddings and parties at guaranteed low prices. Stretch Tents can be erected in a variety of Shapes and styles and presents a modern and exquisite alternative compared to peg and pole tents. Stretch Tents or Cheese Tents are quick and easy to assemble and can be custom made according to your specifications.

Stretch Tents is one of the leading tent manufacturing company in Durban. Join Now

Stretch Tents for Sale in South Africa

We are the top stretch tents manufacturer in South Africa. All our PVC related products are manufactured to our unique design by technologically advanced manufacturing equipment which constantly undergo expansions and upgrading to keep in pace with our export and demand for our products. One can shop for tents for sale in Durban, As we have the expertise to manufacture and supply stretch tents for sale @ cheap factory prices with a variation depending on the requirement of clients. We can tailor make your tent according to your specifications, starting from design, size, colour and use. We manufacture our distinctive free flowing contours; a "Stretch Tents" provides the perfect setting for any event, from a simple garden party to a large festival or show. Every Stretch Tents is built differently for your event, ensuring a bespoke organic structure for maximum impact on guests or clients. Due to their unique design, based loosely on the classic Bedouin style of tent, Stretch Tents can be constructed to fit in and around any environment seamlessly, making them a far more practical and flexible solution than traditional marquees. We designed tents for sale in Durban, KZN for various event companies, wedding planner, party organizer that require an aesthetically pleasing and durable product, ensuring unbeatable return on investment. Each stretch tents for sale contains a built-in fire retardant, anti-bacterial treatment and UV stabilizers. These structures have been certified to worldwide safety standards, meaning they are more durable and can resist the harshest conditions, as compared to other products on the market. If you are looking to bring new life to your event and make it stands out from the crowd? Do you need something to catch the eye and arouse interest?. A Stretch Tents is the answer for all your glamour look events and function. Available for purchase is a range of stretch marquee tents in different sizes and colours, along with different labeling, personalization and branding options to suit your needs. Logos or full colour images can be digitally printed onto the canvas to provide highly effective brand exposure.

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Our company aims is only to satisfy customer by providing high end quality tents and tent accessories which meets the international standard worldwide.

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