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Tents for Sale

Tents for Sale

Tents for Sale our company is the major in the production of all types of tents and marquees, get best tents for sale in Durban South Africa and other countries too. Our manufactured tents will give you a great option for outdoor events where shade and elegance is required. Stretch tents require minimal decor and have a great free-standing look to them, as well as their easy accessibility from all points of the tent. Our most experienced staff will provide you with the opportunity to customise your stretch tents to suit your function or events, as well as branding for your occasion. Stretch tents can be set alongside buildings, patios and even stand as a free-standing beach tent; the options of this tent are incredibly versatile and suitable for almost any area. Get the best tents for Sale deal instantly. Our company motive is happy customers and satisfied event planners mean repeat business and a higher return on your investment, year after year.

Biggest Tents Manufacturers and Suppliers in South Africa

We were among the first to be able to manufacture and supply tents in and around Durban & South Africa. Get stretch tents for Sale from the house of manufacturers and suppliers of tents. We have now expanded our horizons and we are equipped to supply the whole of the African Continent such as: Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Swaziland, Angola, Nigeria, Mozambique as well as other neighbouring continents including international countries. We also manufacture and provide a wide variety of tents like: peg and pole tents, frame tents, alpine tents, pagoda tents, aluminium tents, wedding tents, parties tent, exhibition and event tents with tents accessories such as chairs and tables, chillers and freezers, mobile toilet and portable toilet. Stretch Tents for your wedding is the perfect way to celebrate with family and friends the start of a new chapter in your life together. With Stretch Tents coming in many colours and sizes it can pretty much fit all requirements.

Eye catching, stylish and practical, stretch tents are the new horizon for outdoor corporate events, shows, live events, sporting fixtures and festivals. Completely bespoke and moulded exactly around your particular event requirements we at the Stretch Tent Company can create a huge range of spectacular event spaces that will wow your guests and clients.

Tents Variant

Aluminium Tents for Sale


Aluminium Tents or German Hanger facilitate high security perimeter, gives elegant and magnificent appearance when installed accordingly.

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Alpine Tent for Sale


The Alpine Marquee Tents is our signature structure product, available in a range of shapes and sizes, perfect solution for any event.

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Stretch Tent for Sale


High Peak Tension Tents also called as Peg & Pole tents are large structure, an excellent choice for glamorous, upscale, red carpet events.

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Tent for Sale


Pagoda tents make a fun centerpiece for a small to medium-sized party; often serve as an attractive entrance porch to a larger marquee.

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Tents for Sale Durban South Africa


We manufacture frame tents which undergoes high-quality modular construction system that strengthen the tents life. Buy tents for Sale in

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Stretch Tent for Sale


Construction of Storage Tent requires no permanent foundation, as these tents can be placed on most level grounds like asphalt or concrete.

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Wedding Tents for Sale

Dream your wedding and leave the creativity to us, we will full fill all your wedding dreams with our tasteful and eye-catching stretch tents. Our stretch tents for sale are highly versatile, flexible, high performance and stylish designs. Our stretch tents can be easily set up in almost any type of terrain. Think of a winter wedding but would love it to be outdoors? Then our stretch tents can be handy as it can pulled down on all sides to create a weatherproof, indoor setting that is intimate and atmospheric for your wedding. Fear not about the unpredictable weather? These tents are 100% waterproof, with built-in fire retardants and UV stabilizers. Everyone wants to have a unique and spectacular wedding, so we’re happy to provide you with plenty of floor plan options and tent designs to match your vision.

Wedding Stretch Tents for Sale

Festival Tents for Sale

Buy festival and shows tent from the leading manufacturers and suppliers of tents for sale. Stretch Tents are becoming very popular with the outdoor party lovers as these tents comes with so many awesome features:-

  • Exciting and Energetic look.
  • Flexible and high Versatile.
  • 100% water proof.
  • Fire Retardant.
  • Easy to assemble and erection.
  • Can attach to existing structures such as a roof, building or a tree.
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    Party Event Tents for Sale

    Stretch Tents are now getting famed in the corporate world too. This tent has stolen the hearts of many corporate event organisers with it lavishing structure, variety in colours and sizes, perfect for the corporate parties. We make any kind of structure with stretch tents at any place due to the flexible and versatile characteristic of it. It can also be assemble at the terrace of the building making it more convenient to the corporate staff to enjoy their party in the same office premises. We believe in making corporate tents for sale with high quality fabrics which meets the international standard and give a long durability for our clients, thus making their investment worth.

    corporate tents for sale

    Functions Tents for Sale

    Our company manufacturing stretch tents keeping in mind with the all the necessary point that can make the occasion more lightning, remarkable and spectacular. Our Stretch Tents can be used for any type of function be it small or large, and any festivals to celebrate joyfully. You can buy stretch tents for sale for any private function and occasion from us.

    function tents for sale

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